Tuesday, August 15, 2023

What to Do If Someone Sees You Naked?

What to do if someone sees you naked? In the old days people covered their so-called private parts with fig leaves. Private Parts is the title of a Howard Stern book in which “private” is a double entendre. Gonads are private but so are thoughts—which is one of the big problems in the 21st century where a person can take off all their clothes and end up revealing nothing about themselves. Stern, in fact, once had a woman on his show who wanted to undress. However, the shock jock refused to let her disrobe until she had talked about her father's suicide. Getting back to the original question, sensibility has changed. Most women walk around half undressed anyway and the question becomes not their embarrassment but yours. You may not want to look simply because you can’t get an image out of your head. Nakedness can pollute the imagination. It’s like a very prominent color. Remember how Matisse’s “Red Studio” changed the course of modern art? The onus of nudity has gone from the  performer, in the case of a strip show, to the viewer who will ultimately require a good brainwashing before proceeding on with their day.

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