Monday, August 28, 2023

Is Ronan Farrow a Ninja?

sketch by Hokusai

Ronan Farrow sticks his investigative paring knife into Elon Musk in the current New Yorker ("Elon Musk's Shadow Rule," 8/28/23). Parenthetically it’s always amusing when gladiators at this level ie a journalist who's toppled the likes of Harvey Weinstein meets his match. Actually in terms of size and strength Musk would win. The jury is out in terms of cleverness and cunning. Ronan is the kind of fight name you give a Ninja or superhero. The question is whose genes did he inherit? Is he a Sinatra? But imagine Musk setting his sights in a different direction than the 4500 plus satellites of Starlink, the self-driving and self-doubting Tesla (that only stops as an after thought)? What about the kamikaze antics with Peter Thiel? Lo what if Elon Musk lowered his sights and acquired all the Dollar Stores? What if he went after Roto-Rooter, Meineke, what Trump calls "the failing New York Times" or the bankrupt Friendly’s? Remember that scene in The Great Dictator where Charlie Chaplin bounces his world up and down like a rubber ball? 

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