Tuesday, August 8, 2023

The MoMAs and the Papas

MoMA is an example of art koshering capitalism. Set in midtown around the corner from the University Club, it lends the patina of art to the excesses of capitalist exploitation that created Gotham. Nothing new really. You have only to look to the Frick and the Morgan library. Robber barons built the city and created its culture. When you take the Viaduct around Grand Central, you face the statue of Cornelius Vanderbilt. How much suffering created the Pyramids, Angkor Wat or The Taj Mahal—part of the 7 Wonders and beloved objects of beauty? So what that the endowment of MoMA was good PR for the Rockefellers. But let’s not forget that Standard Oil fueled the engines of the Industrial Revolution, that ultimately contributed to the Greenhouse Effect. NB. The Georgia O'Keefe exhibition at MoMA, "To See Takes Time," runs until August 12th.

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