Monday, August 14, 2023

CWT or Creosote World Today

La Grande Bouffe (1973) starting Philippe Noiret was prescient. The movie dealt with a group of aristocrats who eat themselves to death. Actually the indulging involves sex too. If you remember there was a famous Monty Python character, Mr. Creosote, a fat restaurant patron who vomits over everyone. Satiation is the major issue of first world countries suffering from surplus. There would be no audience for La Grande Bouffe in Yemen. From a deconstructionist as well as purely humanistic point of view, the movie illustrates the fact that  first and third world societies speak two different languages. The latter relates to survival, the former to romanticism. Significantly, Trump’s lawyer recently defended his clients words as “aspirational.” It’s astonishing how provincial “The West” turns out to be. OA and SA meetings are the lingua franca. How to bridge the gap between these two, (really many many worlds)? The rich could give to the poor rather than eating themselves to death but that’s an unlikely state of affairs. 

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