Tuesday, August 22, 2023


Do you feel like you can almost touch the distant past while  finding it hard to remember what you did yesterday? Yes short term memory is one of the victims of age and it’s rare that one undertakes activities which leave the kind of indelible tattoo early experiences have. The mind, one could say, is like a very beautiful flower or supernova whose efflorescence is attendant upon its death. The biology of every consciousness is different but you might look at the question of impressionability as you do how empty or full one’s tank is. The person who was in a fog throughout childhood may suddenly be receptive to a windfall while his or her counterpart who’s been physically and metaphysically over-informed remains skeptically distant from anything new. You may remember the Bergman trilogy Through A Glass Darkly, Winter Lights and The Silence while Barbenheimer, remains like one of the faint and distant lights in the night sky.

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