Friday, August 18, 2023

Rhino in the Closet

Life is comprised of a relatively short period of time in which people with a tendency to divorce end up marrying the same person over and over again--even complaining about the same kind of abuse as if it never happened before. Perhaps these unfortunates possess that "built-in forgetter” that allows alcoholics to proceed on with their next binge. But on a more mundane level there's a duplicative tendency that causes people to repeat the same things. About 20 years ago “at the end of the day” started to metastasize through the body politic along with its country cousin  “sounds like a plan.” The net effect of all this "newspeak" is to underscore the proliferation and redundancy of human existence. In fact the more that people protest their individuality, the more uniform and predictable they become. It’s all an absurdist drama by some forgotten playwright like Ionesco who made the point by turning all his characters into rhinos.

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