Thursday, August 10, 2023

MAGA Millions

The huge Megamillions jackpot recently hitting the 1.5 billion mark attracts the attention even of the wealthy. Says one: I’m rich but with this money perhaps I will finally become generous. Maybe the thought would simply be I’ll be richer or I will use the new money to speculate in ways that I didn’t before. After all, I have nothing to lose. Venture capital, bit coin, gold and even currency—all areas usually avoided by those interested in wealth conservation would be on the table. I will live a new parallel existence with my free money traveling to casinos in Monaco in my custom fitted white Bentley. Naturally I would have beauties in revealing gowns hanging on my arms and a white telephone from 50s Italian movies plugged in next to the roulette tables. I would receive calls from my many petitioners including heads of state and Hollywood film producers humbling themselves at my feet. OR what about the unlikely other scenario. My new found wealth only makes it more apparent than ever that I should give all my money away and take a vow of poverty like Saint Francis.

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