Friday, August 4, 2023

Sweden Journal: Agnes Martin

Agnes Martin (1954)

“I paint with my back to the world.” The quote from Agnes Martin uttered by a young Danish art historian in the midst of a walking tour  epitomizes the almost hypnotic power of certain truths. Martin actually produced a six painting series, "With My Back to the World." However, the remark given to a small group far from the maddening crowd, as it were, highlights not only the ethos and ars poetica of a famous abstractionist, but cuts through the air, making the world anew at least for one listener. It’s a one-line aphorism that's at once ineffable and non-existent. It’s also timeless while at the same time changing both the past and the future. Time travelers are careful not to leave a hair, but a random phrase can change one’s world forever. What is Martin trying to say, then? That the artist ultimately lives in his or her head? 

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