Thursday, August 3, 2023

The Pig Latin Version of The Seventh Seal

Imagine a Pig Latin version of the Through a Glass Darkly, Winter Light and The Silence. Ivo van Hove famously brought Scenes From a Marriage and Cries and Whispers to the stage, the latter to BAM. He’d be a candidate for this unique interpretation. Of course the first question is whether the Pig Latin would bd dubbed or subtitled. There’s a famous scene where the minister in Winter Light loses his cool along with faith. He screams at his wife that he's tired of hearing about your periods. In Pig Latin that would be Miay iredtay foay... and so forth. Compare that to cogito ergo sum, carpe diem Ecce Homo the title of Nietzsche tome and literally “here is the man.” Janus used to own the Bergman canon. Now it’s Criterion but imagine also Max von Sydow playing chess with Death in The Seventh Seal. Makes you ask about the Pig Latin for Ibid.

read "God Bless Pig Latin America" by Francis Levy, The East Hampton Star

read the Kirkus review of The Kafka Studies Department by Francis Levy

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