Thursday, August 31, 2023


photo of oyster (David Monniaux)

Imagine Elon Musk returning from Outer Space. He’s planning a layover on one of his 4500 plus Starlink satellites. He approaches the Solar System from The Milky Way. Neptune appears first. Pluto was essentially excommunicated by the IAU (International Astronomical Association) in 2006. The rings of Saturn and Mars are all signposts. Musk is now offering the equivalent of the self-driving car in rocketry. You just enter the title of that famous Alfred Bester novel The Stars My Destination and the universe is your oyster. Now coming back Musk is wistful. He still calls the earth home, yet it seems puny considering that he's now successfully monetizing black holes--which will be billed as the ultimate tourist destination for the elite business traveler.

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