Wednesday, August 9, 2023


Van Williams as Green Hornet (1966)

A juggernaut takes over your imagination. Hard to believe that there's something coming at you with the force of a head-on. Hard to think of romantic love so violently. However, there are things that take place on a smaller level. An unreturned call or email or just waiting for that first cup of coffee at your local diner at the very moment that a bus load of kids busts through the door--can all feel like a juggernaut. The mind is totally taken over by this David if you look at consciousness as your Goliath. You can't do much about bad fortune or lost love. Trump is a juggernaut. He's the creature you wrangle with in your dreams, when your punches find only air. You don't have to be political to suffer from Trumpeopathy. He's the The Joker, the evil character that only a Superhero like The Green Hornet can destroy and Dostoevsky's Grand Inquisitor all rolled into one.

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