Thursday, August 17, 2023

Dream Catching

Attic by Willem De Kooning

Have you ever had a dream of longing about someone who doesn’t exist? Dream catching or dream chasing is what it’s been called and Freudian psychobabblers will term this  “screen memory.” But who's to say that the product of Thomas De Quincy’s opium dreams cannot be issued a license. Dreams can’t be commodified or monetized and that's supposed to determine their reality. But who's to say that some longueur conjured at night can’t become your other. BTW, the difference between a significant other and an other is tantamount to that between the alter ego and the self. The point is don't give greater valence to your waking life than your sleep. It's comparable to abstraction in art. Some people think what's abstract isn't real, but for the abstract painter, it's a reality.

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