Wednesday, January 6, 2021


Undoubtedly Trump will establish his own news network after he leaves office. He doesn't seem to like the responsibities that go along with the presidency. One can only think how much happier he must have been on The Apprentice. He’s a media hound. With his own outlet, he can  personally combat all the fake news. He's similar to some of the dictators Rod Serling portrayed on The Twilight Zone; he inhabits a similarly delusional world. Anything Trump has to do with always bears his brand. You have Trump Tower, The Trump International in Washington (which apparently occupies an emoluments free zone) the Trump Shuttle and Trump University. So the name of the network will undoubtedly be the Trump Broadcasting System, but since that spells out as TBS, of Ted Turner fame, he’ll probably call it The Trump Broadcasting Company or TBC. And what will this innovative new mode of broadcasting be called? You guessed it, Trump-O-Vison. Trump-O-Vision will make sure television viewers  share Trump's view of the world. There will even be Trump jokes which  will be as politically incorrect as the old Polish jokes, but it’s all for the sake of fun, just like Access Hollywood and the famous Trump remark about walking down Fifth, shooting people and not losing votes. What’s the difference between Trump and a pig? Answer: a pig is smarter (though that’s the kind of insult to pigs that’s likely to offend animal rights activists).Trump will undoubtedly also establish his own series of comics one of which will be MAGA Monster. It will feature a cartoon of Trump on every cover in his signature red cap, promising non-existent programs to roaring crowds—all within the next two weeks.

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