Tuesday, January 19, 2021


There will be a lot of dust to settle. Then there's the danger a stiff cold wind is going to turn it into a stand storm. Americans, for that matter, people everywhere are waiting for vaccines which will ostensibly put an end to the pandemic, provided the more virulent English and South African strains don’t turn out to be resistant to it. In that unhappy event, mankind is likely to face the equivalent of a new Ice Age. At the very least everything will be on hold. Remember how the venal sinners in the 9th circle of Dante’s Inferno end up being encased in ice? Perhaps like these unfortunate creatures, mankind will end up being buried alive. Americans, on the other hand, have been faced with the co-morbidities of MAGA and Coronavirus. So the best outcome of the so-called return to normalcy will be a nation of shell-shocked zombies, suffering from chronic cases of PTSD. In order to survive both the rising rates of infection and lies about a rigged election, many people have had to go on autopilot, if only for the sake of their friends, children and loved ones. Americans are like hostages. When the siege is ongoing, you survive because of your responsibility to others. Finally, when your captor (in this case the disease) lets you go, you’re forlorn, filled with all the emotions that were repressed during the shutdown or takeover which now have no outlet. No one wants the cycles of continuing death and social disruption, yet the aftermath is likely to be when the shit actually hits the fan. When the zombies arise from the dead, suicide rates may, unfortunately, begin to rise.

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