Monday, January 25, 2021

Thank You, Mr. Trump!

Now that Trump has been dropped off in Florida, you may find yourself feeling wistful and even thankful to him. For instance, many combative couples found a brief respite in which Trump rather than their partners became the butt of their anger. Now that Trump is out of the picture, they will start fighting again. Without Trump you might not have learned so much about politics, in particular how the electoral college works—and impeachment. It may be a horrible thing to say, but if Trump hadn’t facilitated the spread of Coronavirus by insisting that it was a conspiracy invented by the Democrats, you wouldn’t have learned all your new ways of coping. Because you haven’t wanted to go to the post office, you’ve learned to pay all your bills on line—which turns out to be ten times easier than writing and mailing a check. By making it impossible to go anywhere, Trump has taught you that you can do without those get togethers. When push comes to shove, you’re fine seeing people on Zoom. It’s cheaper and less time consuming than going out for dinner. Ditto therapy. If you were on the East Side and had to get to your therapist’s office on Central Park West, it was taking you a good three hours, when all was said and done. Maybe someday a method of teleportation will be created that allows dentists to fill cavities and even do root canals online. Without a raging pandemic, for which Mr. Trump is again to be thanked, telemedicine wouldn’t have made gynecological and proctological exams possible through teleconferencing media.  

Read "Maga and Coronavirus" by Francis Levy, The East Hampton Star

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