Monday, January 11, 2021

DJT or How I Learned to Love the Bomb

Now that Trump’s Twitter account has been closed down, will he drop the bomb? Trump is unstable and dangerous. There's been a good deal of concern about his possessing the code necessary to ignite a nuclear holocaust. In all probability there would be mutiny on the part of the Joint Chiefs if Trump were ever unhinged enough to invite Armageddon. And BTW who would he unleash it upon? The Russians who were the enemy way back in Dr. Strangelove days are his allies. It’s unlikely NATO, or in particular Paris, where the Climate Accord was signed, would finally be his targets. Where would Melania get her outfits? Maybe it would be New York whose Attorney General Letitia James is lying in wait (along with DA Cyrus Vance) for his departure from office. Or perhaps Scotland, where he owns a golf club, Turnberry, from which he was recently banned--ostensibly due to Coronavirus restrictions (there had been rumors Trump might be planning a golf outing there at the time of the inauguration). But forgetting a literal bomb, he's going to need an outlet.That's where the problem lies. Eventually he may unite his base, cause the secession of Palm Beach from the United States and rename it Trumptymania. Or he'll simply team up with right wing media outlets like Newsmax and Parler to create TBC, Trump Broadcasting Network which would be notable for its reruns. However until he has a plan, he'll be like a teapot that's whistling loudly, ready to boil over at any moment. CNN reported he was upset about the renovations of his private compound at Mar-a-Lago which were coordinated by Melania. Don’t be surprised if you hear reports about domestic abuse once the Trumps vacate The White House.

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