Wednesday, January 13, 2021


postcard with Pied Piper (1902)

Trump is neither a Republican nor a conservative. He's what Chris Cuomo has termed a "Retrumplican." In fact, he’s a revolutionary who’s out to destroy the established order. Remember that both Mussolini and Hitler were scarcely different than Stalin. Fascism and Leninism were tantamount in their dismissing of the due process and constitutionalism associated with democratic institutions. The price paid for the dictatorship of the proletariat turned out to be individual liberty. Hitler, Mussolini Stalin (and now Trump) were all interested in the ends. At a certain point what these ends are became murky in all their cases. So what civilization was left with was a despot's millenarian ideology. In the case of Trump, this amounts to little more than a cult of personality.The famous Santayana quote need not be repeated but the question it poses is still confounding. What kind of psychic trauma makes different generations of people continue to follow the latest Pied Piper leading them to imbibe the  delusional hallucinogen of undefined hope? It's ironical because Trump has done nothing and offered nothing for a so-called base that's apparently still willing to die and in some cases kill for him.

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