Monday, January 4, 2021

Pornosophy: The Politics of Hermaphroditism

A chimera is a kind of compound creature. Therianthropy is the ability of the human to transform to animal. Zooanthropy is another word for this trait. Lycanthropy refers to the transformation from human to wolf or werewolf. The wolf-in-sheep’s clothing is actually a metaphoric chimera. "Rat Man: A Case of 'Obsessional Neurosis'" was one of Freud's most famous studies. The word chimera literally means something wished for or imagined that occupies a realm of fantasy bordering on delusion. Chimeras might occur in surrealist artworks which are based on dreams. Back before SRS was prevalent, you had a form of chimera that was a mixture of male and female, otherwise known on the street as “chicks with dicks.” These pre-op transexuals had both penises and breasts (that were produced through hormone therapy).  In Japan the combining of secondary sex characteristics is known as “futanari” whose embodiments appear in some anime and manga. You had lions with goat’s bodies in Greek mythology, but it's unclear to what extent hermaphroditism permeated Mount Olympus . Advances in medical science have made sex change operations far less forbidding than they once were. Now those who feel trapped in the bodies of their births can escape. Bradley Manning the US army officer accused of espionage famously became Chelsea Manning at the government's expense. Counterespionage is a form of political hermaphroditism, a double agent being someone who has switched the political identification or affiliation into which they were born. “Quisling,” which is the word for a kind of turncoat or defector within a government, derives from the name of a Norwegian army officer who collaborated with the Nazis. Quentin Crisp who wrote The Naked Civil Servant, was an English writer who wore makeup, painted his nails and regaled the world as a human Pegasus, with a female head (and painted nails) attached to a male body.

Read "Trumpty Dumpty's Great Fall" by Francis Levy, The East Hampton Star

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