Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Chariots of Fire

Do you miss Trump executive orders that provided the equivalent of ECT? Mafia dons ran their empires from prison. Who knows what "base" ideas he’s conjuring in his gilded Mar-a-Lago prison. But then there’s the legal suits that will be coming from New York State, Fulton County and from New York City where he will have to defend himself from the defamation charge in the E. Jean Carroll case. In addition, the hotel business has been hit hard and the Trump brand name is not only no longer a big draw but anathema to the rich—who definitely don’t describe the demographic of Trump's following. However the former president has a restless and indefatigable spirit. You never know where his signature golf cart will take him. Which is precisely the point. With his blow-dried hair, Trump always had the look of used car salesman. Don’t be surprised if he doesn’t end up acquiring a golf cart dealership—or two. Trump is basically a sleazy salesman at heart, one of a breed that has made the worst of the New York skyline what it is. There's really no art to his deals other than the fact that he'll say anything to make them happen.

Read MAGA and Coronavirus by Francis Levy, The East Hampton Star

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