Wednesday, September 27, 2023

The Scales of Politics

Kierkegaard defined three "spheres of existence." In order of importance, they were "the esthetic, the ethical and the religious." Politics rarely crosses paths with ethics, as might be noted by picking up a daily newspaper. "The trolley problem" and "Prisoner's Dilemma" are two of the most well known in that branch of ethics known as a "game theory." The fact is that politics and ethics tend to face off to the extent that a great many politicians are corrupted by the need to get votes. There are colorful figures and dynasties like the Kennedys but few of these have left a legacy of truth. A great Supreme Court justice like Ruth Bader Ginsberg is in a better position to distinguish themselves in comparison to their counterparts in The White House. LBJ did great things but he also enjoyed shaking "jumbo" onto his colleague's shoes. Even today with clowns like Clarence Thomas handing down decisions you’re safer taking a leak at the men's room of the Supreme Court than in Congress. 

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