Tuesday, September 5, 2023

Mental Heath

He needs help. She should see someone. Therapy is the current be all and end all and one of the best ways to kick the can down the road. If you can’t deal with your kid, make them someone else’s responsibility. You get your cake and eat it too! Though your goodness may rest in a handoff, you're a hundred of times better off than the denier. Sadly the proliferation of all this brain washing has produced its own “key words” which have some resemblance to the nervous breakdowns advertising executives were having in the 50s. Today people are bipolar, depressive or borderline. Many routinely express their anxiety. SSRIs are like toothpaste and literally everyone is questioning their gender. Cis is no longer the nickname for sister. Is this new state of affairs simply the result of people being more "honest" about "expressing their feelings?" Freud liked to use archeological metaphors, but is his archeology of the brain merely a set of evanescent descriptors? Think of an 
Ancestry.com genome service. XY or XX? Need your own space? Sounds like a plan? To be on the same page? The lingua franca shortlists states of feeling and desire. The ubiquity of these footnotes may result in dilution but what would neurotic humanity do without them?

listen to this great version of Band of Gold by Freda Payne

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