Monday, September 11, 2023


Bedminster Correctional institution. What are they going to do? You can’t sent the Secret Service to prison. This is the one area where Jack Smith has got to negotiate. With Bedminster  the problem of conjugal visits is solved. Walt Nauta is probably the best person to speak to about accommodations, but why not place him in that room where the documents were kept? Call it work/study. Let the punishment fit the crime. It’s also a good place for Trump to work on his daily ingratitude list. So there are two possible scenarios. Trump is sentenced to play golf for life or he becomes president again, pardons himself for Jan 6 and the documents and finally succeed in getting Kemp to change his mind, go against his principles and fire Fani Willis. Russia will win the war. The FBI will be dissolved. And Michael Flynn will be declared attorney general. True and social all right!

Listen to "Cool Jerk" by the Capitols

and read the latest review of The Kafka Studies Department by Francis Levy in Booklife

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