Thursday, September 14, 2023

Animal Liberation

There’s a pet cemetery called Happier Hunting Ground in Evelyn Waugh’sThe Loved One. The novel is, among other things, a swipe at LA morticians—who rank just below podiatrists in the esteem accorded to them in the local  meritocracy. It takes a snob to attack social capital. After all who can afford a pet cemetery? Are those people who make "arrangements" for their dogs and cats failing to meet up with their responsibilities to humans? You’ve encountered the Fifth Avenue poodle owners who guiltily bring up the subject of leashing in analysis. But cutting to the case, are animals the same as people and do they deserve to enjoy the right to vote or to identify as cis or non-binary. Does an ululating cat have the right not to be spaded? As you can see the whole question of animal rights opens up a can of worms.

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