Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Deplorables vs. Adorables

Now it’s the war in Ukraine then it was Vietnam. Aisle crossing as in the case of Liz Cheney, of course, occurs. Some hawks during the Vietnam era became doves—most prominently Defense Secretary Robert McNamara who was teary-eyed in his contrition. But in the current situation, the war-mongers are not REALLY hawks and those like Margery Taylor Greene, in fact, exhibit not one drop of dovishness. Profiling is what the cancel culture mitigates against. However, the same people you hated when you were protesting Vietnam (those with the attribute of military complexity) are the ones spouting isolationism —which has always been a conservative cause. The US came late to the table in WWII because of that. The fact is, on campus the intellectuals have always fenced off against the frat boys and sorority girls and always will.

Listen to "Cool Jerk" by the Capitols

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