Monday, September 25, 2023

QAnon or Euclid?

the Eye of Providence on $1 bill

Reality is unfathomable enough that there's no need for transcendence. It’s nice to think about supernal forces that account for the massive amount of interconnection in the universe. It’s very much like conspiracy theorists for whom life in its otherwise naked form is meager and desicated. You’ve met people who aren’t on the fringe but still insist on making everyday things more complicated than they need to be. These are the selfsame individuals who are challenged when it comes to the notion of a straight line being the shortest distance between two points. You might say they're suffering from a kind of epistemological Peyronie's. What would you rather believe in QAnon or Euclidean geometry whose laws possess knowable wonder? If you’re not satisfied delve into imaginary numbers or group theory or quanta which deals with the universe of subatomic particles—which, for instance, are capable of being two places at the same time. However, stay away from kooks and medicine man, pushers who get you hooked on millenarian garbage.

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and listen to "You Never Walk Alone" by Patti Labelle and the Bluebells

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