Monday, February 8, 2021

Where Are the Angels?

"Three Angels Hosted by Abraham" Ludivico Carracci  (1610-12)

Trump along with QAnon and MAGA took the air out of the room. What the United States has been left with is the bomb of Dresden, at least politically. The Arizona legislature censures the governor, Doug Ducey, for confirming the vote. Mike Pence overnight becomes an enemy of the ultra-right, even though he’s pretty far right to begin with. No one is chastened after the attack on the capital; in fact, rumors that the attack itself was left-wing Antifa conspiracy continue along with threats of vengeance both physically and electorally. All of this makes the McCarthy blacklist look tame. In the meanwhile, President Biden comes in with a domestic version of the Marshall Plan which is wonderfully proactive but like oil and water in terms of the chemistry of the senate. To feel that the country is divided is an understatement. You could say that the US is suffering from a collective version of split personality disorder. Where are the unifying angels that will descend amidst ideological and biological sickness to provide a cleansing solace and even antidote to the poison?

Read "MAGA and Coronavirus" by Francis LevyThe East Hampton Star

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