Thursday, February 4, 2021

What is to Be Done?

 What is to Be Done? by Vladimir Lenin

If you’re having fantasies of vengeance, you’re not alone. Only problem is the person you want to get back at in all likelihood feels the same way about you. Naturally, you’re convinced your position is right. For instance, within the context of our present reality, there’s no doubt Trump is evil or at least the proxy of evil for a huge unhappy class of people, “the base” who wish to give the finger to the establishment and the elites. The fact of Trump’s criminality is a Kantian categorial imperative, an undeniable moral and ethical conclusion which must guide human behavior. Remember Errol Morris’ film about Steve Bannon, American Dharma, in which the recently pardoned intellectual thug quotes Milton: “Better to reign in Hell than serve in Heaven.” This is all playing out right now. One chuckles in satisfaction as Biden repeals all Trump’s odious executive orders. In the meanwhile, all the Retrumplicans can do is  think how they can get back at the huge swath of American society who voted for Biden and who they mistakenly characterize as the far left. What to do? No, not everyone who wants to figure this out is a far left Communist and follower of Lenin.

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