Monday, February 22, 2021


photo of livestock by Daniel Schwen

They say your whole life passes before you at the moment of your death. Actually, it starts before...depending. During a pandemic like the one the world has been enduring, with both confinement and the lack of external stimulation, the conscious mind is prone to wander. At times it can almost be like a dream where all kinds unconscious  associations are mysteriously made due to the disinhibition that occurs when the cognitive faculties lay down arms. In fact, in times of great isolation waking up from sleep may jettison the mentality into worlds where it doesn't usually roam. For instance, if you were a hellion, during the 60s or later disco era in which you spent whole eras of your life bombed, you may be forced to take stock of your life. You may eventually be presented with a bill for your behavior. In other words, years later you may find yourself paying for your excesses. You, of course, don't need to be quarantined to find yourself, drifting into the past. In Ingmar Bergman’s Wild Strawberries, an aging professor relives the lost opportunities of his youth. Distance makes the heart grow stronger; the further away you are from certain memories the more potent, they become. You’re more prone to relive something that happened 20 years ago than yesterday. You’re more likely to relive it when you're forty than when you’re twenty and can’t remember anything at all about what happened when you were 0

Read "Limbo" by Francis Levy, The Evergreen Review


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