Friday, February 12, 2021

Towards a Radical Centrism

If you were a wishy washy liberal, who voted Democratic more out of habit than conviction then the whole election debacle may have raised your consciousness and awareness in a way that hasn’t occurred since the 60s. Many closet humanists have been turned into radical centrists, creating a kind of fifth column in favor of coalition politics by virtue of the divisive Trump phenomenon. Once you’ve experienced real fascism and mob rule, you’re unlikely ever to feel you can retreat into esthetic distance again. Turns out there no such thing as an unpolitical person. By not voting, you’ve cast your ballot for complacency. Sure the Democrats won the election by one of the largest margins in history, but remember “never again,” the meme used by survivors of the Holocaust. America came unconscionably close to the breakdown of all its institutions and values in the wake of the election. What if Michael Flynn had prevailed and martial law were declared? What if Trump had been able to create an uprising in the justice department whereby the attorney general would be deposed and the election again contested? What if Mike Pence were hung—and there was a good chance of it on January Remember the gallows that the insurrectionists erected? Though he did show up for the inauguration, it’s not surprising that the former VP has totally disappeared from public view. It’s hard to believe that the victim of near lynching would seek the votes of the enraged mob or Retrumplicans who nearly did him in. Trump’s legal team has been a total washout. What he really needed was to enlist someone like David Irving, the famous Holocaust denier to make his case against the truth.

Read "Pet Buddha" by Francis Levy, Vol. 1 Brooklyn

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