Thursday, February 25, 2021

What's an Emordnilap?

Emordnilap is palindrome spelled backwards. It describes a kind of word. While a palindrome is the same word spelled backwards or forwards, an emordnilap refers to any word which creates another word when spelled either forward or backwards. For instance, “dog,”  “god," “live” and “evil.” Whether there’s a relationship between “dog” and “god” or “live” and “evil” is a question for purveyors of the occult. “Tattarrattat” is a palindrome created by Joyce in Ulysses. “Radar,” “kayak” and “madam” are some common palindromes. “Avid” and “diva,” “mood” and “doom” are emordnilaps. As you can see there’s a paranormal relation between all of them. “Divas” tend to be unhesitatingly “avid.” “Doom” is a “mood.” With the exception of “palindrome”and “emordnilpap” themselves, the foot almost uncannily fits the shoe, but don't put it in your mouth. “Adobe” and “abode” are anagrams or different words formed from the same letters. But what are “AAA,” American Automobile Association and “AA,” Alcoholics Anonymous? Logorrhea or diarrhea of the mouth is not treated with Imodium.

Read "Why Big German Words Like Vergangenbangenheit Carry Weight" by Francis Levy, Huff Post

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