Friday, December 11, 2020

What to Serve at Your Super Spreader Event

Christmas Eve Photo from President Donald J. Trump and First Lady Melania  (Shealah Craighead)

Recently Melania and Donald have given some super spreader events at The White House. It’s a reminder that the holiday season is in full swing. But what to serve to a group of people who subscribe to QAnon and believe the Coronavirus is conspiracy? Cheez Whiz? One way to make your guests happy is to give your party in a confined space. Social distancing will be impossible but if you want a real bash, you have to make sure that no one is allowed in if they’re wearing mask. You can always say that with all the terrorists around, it’s a matter of security. But try to think of some popular dips that are likely to get caught in someone’s throat and cause them to cough?Anything which helps food to go down the wrong way is always helpful. Human air handlers who ventilate into other peoples’ faces always do the trick. Besides some of the recent White House functions, the motorcycle rally in Sturgis is an excellent model for your holiday party. It’s estimated that 250,000 infections resulted from that one event alone! Needless to say alcohol will grease the wheels. When people get sloppy drunk, they become disinhibited and begin to think that they’re immune to everything. So, keep your punch bowl full. Caroling, one of the oldest ways to express holiday cheer, is also an excellent way to keep those aerosols flowing. Handel’s "Messiah," with its soaring choral registers, is one of the most effective methods of spreading Coronavirus. 

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