Thursday, December 24, 2020

Scott and Charles Atlas

Is it possible that President Trump’s former Coronavirus Task Force advisor the neuroradiologist Scott Atlas was a distant cousin of Charles Atlas, the famous body builder? It's just one of the important revelations about the nature and possible cure of the Coronavirus that has emerged during the pandemic. The president’s message is that Americans are strong and tough and don’t need things like masks. They are not going to social distance and lock down their cities because of a virus that has infected over 18 million Americans, over 321,000 of whom have died. Is it possible that many of these policies and potential cures derive directly from Charles Atlas’s famous weightlifting program which also happened to be one of the great campaigns in advertising history—as has been that of the President who argued strength against caution in the face of a virulent disease? It has been determined by the way that dumbbells are a very important cure for Corona. You have to get as many dumbbells around you as possible, to allay the onset and effects of the disease, in the event you contract it. 

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