Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Should Trumpty Dumpty Be Incarcerated?

Retribution is at the heart of the criminal justice system. Criminals are sent to penitentiaries where they pay for their crimes and ostensibly “repent.” The fact is that most criminals and particularly the most violent offenders are disturbed people, if only to the extent that they are lacking in conscience—for starters. Why punish someone for an incapacity or ailment? Why not simply treat them? If you drugged up murderers, they would no longer be able to commit crimes. Gas chambers, electric chairs, lethal injections and solitary confinement are medieval and also extremely expensive. Doing away with the prison system would save money. Incarceration may be one of the nation’s largest government programs. Imagine liberating all that real estate and manpower, if only society were willing to forego having to get their two cents.There has been much talk about the legal trouble Trump might be in when he leaves office especially with New York State where he is not exempt from any pardons he might give himself. A lot of people would love to see him going to jail, but why not simply give the President LSD or mushrooms and set him out to pasture in some place like Golden Gate Park where he can become a love child who's incapable of harming anyone? 

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