Friday, December 4, 2020

Pornosophy: Fem Dom

The fact is you’re in control and not in control. There's a lot of talk especially in the sexual arena of dominant and submissive personalities. Fem Dom is a soubriquet for a certain kind of sexual identity and porn. In fact, terms like hetero, homo or bi are probably as outdated as political identifications like conservative, progressive, libertarian or even monarchist. If metrosexual is one way of describing a certain type of urbanity, then metasexual is probably the umbrella under which all categorizations can safely be lumped. Self-invention is a product of the current indeterminate universe in which meaning is derived not from some profound tribal or biological antecedent, but rather through a willful indulgence in the buffet of human possibility. Getting back to sex a person doesn’t join the Eulenspiegel Society unless they have a desire practice BDSM. However, it’s a choice. A good deal of agency is involved. The slave who bows to the wishes of his mistress in the dungeon has in fact employed a role player to satisfy his or her whims. This was one of the themes of Luis Bunuel’s Belle de Jour (1967) in which Catherine Deneuve plays a sexually repressed housewife who becomes a prostitute during the day, while her husband is at work. Naturally in the larger picture no one is in control of anything. Man plans, God laughs, goes the adage. Still, within a more limited Newtonian universe, role playing and acting provide the consoling, if sometimes illusory feeling of having the upper or lower hand.

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