Wednesday, December 9, 2020

The Trumpty Dumpties Pack Their Bags

In the old days it used to be that every boy (and more recently girl) dreamt of being president when he grew up. The White House in this mythology was almost a magical place inhabited by larger than life figures like FDR and JFK. But one of the byproducts of the Trump administration is to make most people realize that The White House is just another "white house," a little like those drafty charming inns that lack the amenities of say the Trump International Hotel which has violated the emoluments clause of the constitution. The White House might not be the place you’d like to stay on a trip to Washington--though amidst the pandemic, with record numbers of Americans dying of Coronavirus, Melania found time to unveil a new White House tennis pavillion! Now let’s look at the residence that the President and First Lady will soon be moving out of. It surely has items like armoires and chests of drawers where Donald has stored his socks and underpants. For Melania, there were undoubtedly large closets to house her extensive wardrobe. Imagine even the President’s bathroom where his toothpaste sits on the shelf. You would never have thought about what brand of toothpaste Ike or Mamie used, but you tend to think more of The Apprentice than the presidency when you bring up Trump. So like any reality show (and their all modeled on Survivor), you can’t help thinking about all the items needed just to keep the ship afloat. The Trumps, for instance, are unlikely to use Dove with its peaceful connotations. Which brings up the question of packing up. President Trump won’t want to forget his favorite toothbrush. Then there’s the question of whether the Bidens will let them store some items in the basement, in the unlikely and unfortunate event they come back someday.

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