Friday, February 24, 2017

What Do Cars and People Have in Common?

What kind of person is the equivalent of a Cadillac Escalade?
There is no doubt that people are like cars. When you grow older you become a used car. Used cars are just like people too. There are some used cars which have amazing longevity. You’ve heard owners bragging their Maximum has l00,000 miles while there are others who complain about the lemon they’ve been saddled with that’s had congenital problems from the first day they brought it home from the showroom. When a car starts to cost more than its worth, it's time for a trade in and while few will admit to it, many feel the same way about loved ones whose illnesses make them a burden. Sometimes all your car needs is new muffler say like person who requires a mouth device for their sleep apnea and snoring. But for some cars the problem is more systemic.  Owning a car with faulty air bags is the equivalent of walking around with an incipient brain aneurysm and there are cars with the equivalent of metastasizing cancers that usually begin in their computerized ignition system. Naturally some problems are merely cosmetic. Some cars like people simply need bodywork or a paint job which is the equivalent of a face lift. Simonizing a car will definitely allow it to keep its sheen, but there are some for whom the word waxing raising the hairs on their head. Back in the days when life was simpler, kids talked about getting their first set of wheels, which was a little like those nature documentaries when you see a foal rise from the ground and start to walk on its own. Well, what is there to say? A good car has legs and a healthy person is in for a long smooth ride.

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