Tuesday, February 28, 2017

The Final Solution: Dynasty

The Queen of England may be the oldest surviving member of the House of Windsor, but she’s still basically a figurehead with power residing in the House of Commons and Lords and with the Prime Minister who's currently Theresa May. But another dynasty is reigning in North Korea started by Kim Il Sung, carried on by his son Kim Jong-Il and recently handed over to his grandson Kim Jong-un. The Korean royal family are not like those in England, Spain or say Denmark. They are where the power resides and they rule with ruthless authority. The government of North Korea is definitely a family affair (minus member Kim Jong-nam who was recently assassinated in Malaysia) and now we have another dynasty emerging on the world stage and that’s the Trump family led by Donald, with a good deal of responsibility taken over by his sons Eric and Donald Jr, his daughter Ivanka and his son-in-law Jared Kushner who has emerged as an influential White House advisor. Trump has supposedly recused himself from his business interests which will be run by his children, but these self-same family members regularly attend important decision making meetings in the Oval Office and serious questions of ethical lapses are already arising within the first weeks of the new administration. Blood is thicker than water goes the old saw and Dynasty was the name of a television series. However, the current configuration of family members in the Trump dynasty may lay the foundations for America's first real dynasty, Will the House of Trump perpetuate itself like its predecessor in North Korea and go on ruling for generations to come?

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