Thursday, February 16, 2017

The Final Solution: Keeping My Promises

Inauguration of JFK
You were violent. You wanted Hillary in prison. You wanted to drain the swamp, to build the wall. You were unruly, but now you’ve won and you don’t need to be that way anymore right? You’ve won, you’re mellow, you can sit back and enjoy hearing about all the enhanced interrogation techniques we’re going to unleash on the bad guys. Wait until these losers try to pull something. We have the compression chamber waiting for them. You won’t believe it. You stick these illegal immigrants, the rapists and thieves into them and they get hit by incredibly loud sounds that go on for hours. You know what prolonged sleeplessness does to a person. Let’s put it this way since we’re mellow and cool. It makes them really ineffectual. They can’t pull any of their stunts anymore. They can’t break into your country or your bank because folks after you’ve spent time in one of these boxes, you’re hearing things and you start to think you’re going crazy and you don’t even have time to emigrate anywhere. You’re going to get stuck. That’s what I mean about making America great. What was that expression that FDR once stated Walk Softly But Carry a Loaded Fire Arm?  You know the Democrats are sore losers. Now they’re blaming the Russians for losing the election. But we’re going to put them in the compression box too or in jail with all the women who seek abortions. And even the ones who start hearing and seeing things are going to think it’s great. The ones who get punished and deprived of their rights are going to like it because even if they get deported and sent back to their impoverished homelands they’re going to appreciate what it means to be an American.

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