Thursday, February 2, 2017

The Final Solution: Bestiality

Humans having sex with animals is a storied part of the canon, of pornography that is. The Donkey Show was a popular form of entertainment for instance in the Philippines and while no farm boys romancing a sheep attained the notoriety of John Holmes or Harry Reems, there are undoubtedly some as yet unheralded barnyard stars. But it’s seldom realized that Greek mythological figures like centaurs, who are half human, half animal, are the product of acts of imaginative bestiality. From a scientific point of view it’s no more likely that a stallion could succeed in impregnating his female human counterpart than that a God like Zeus could have children with many of his earthly consorts. Perhaps this explains what Catherine the Great saw in her horse--a well-endowed lover who wouldn’t get her pregnant. If Roe v. Wade is repealed, when a conservative justice is added to the Supreme Court, it’s likely that bestiality videos will regain some of the allure they lost during the sexual revolution (when animals became passé) and it’s possible that some inventive pornographer will even choose to play upon Gods with gals themes, as a way of promoting the kind of sex that can’t lead to unwanted children.  In any case, as everyone knows, that Greeking is divine.

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