Tuesday, February 14, 2017

The Final Solution: You Name It

map of New France created by Samuel de Champlain
Istanbul was once Constantinople, reflecting the influence and reign of Constantine the Great, who sanctioned Christianity in the Roman Empire, through the Edict of Milan. Before that it was the Greek City of Byzantium. Saint Petersburg became Petrograd and then Leningrad before it went back to its original name. Volgograd was once Tsaritsyn and Stalingrad. New York was New Amsterdam and New Orleans never changed its name after become new. Parts of Canada were once New France. Zimbabwe was Rhodesia. The Belgium Congo is now the Democratic Republic of the Congo. But what will our world look like in a thousand years? Will Moscow become Putingrad. There are Lincoln, Illinois and Lincoln, Nebraskas. What state will name a city after the Trump dynasty which by then will have ruled for many centuries, Trumpograd? Saigon is now Ho Chi Minh City, but will Pyongyang finally be called Kim il Sung City or simply Kim Jong-un...Um? Will there ever be a geographical location named after Saturday Night Live, like a Saturday Night Live Place, or a Lorne Michaels City, in recognition of the influence and power of his comedy program and when you look at the great many of the influential names in civilization as we know it today, how many of those will be commemorated by places designated with their names? JZ apparently bought an Island off the Keys for his wife Beyonce, but does that mean that the word Beyonce will now appear on Google Maps?

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