Thursday, February 23, 2017

The Final Solution: The History of the World Part III, The End

Do you remember the threats following the release of The Interview, the comic film about Kim Jong-un and how theater chains quickly took the film out of circulation? Remember how Kazakhstan threatened Sacha Baron Cohen with a legal suit over Borat until they realized the film was helping their tourist industry? Been there done that might have been the response say if you were a poet and novelist like Boris Pasternak who was trying to write about what was going on during the time of Stalin. But what happened to The Interview, in particular, seemed outlandish in America where the First Amendment is cherished. How could North Korea be determining what could or could not be shown in our theater chains? But imagine what will happen if and when Donald Trump becomes the subject of such a spoof. Trump has neither been happy with his treatment by the “dishonest press,” nor specifically by SNL, which has created its own Trump doppleganger in the form of Alec Baldwin, whose hairdo actually brings back the transformation Tony Perkins created in Psycho. But what will transpire when liberal Hollywood takes aim at the president on a mass scale with a blockbuster project. Meryl Streep went after him at the Golden Globes. But let’s imagine what will happen when Hollywood’s finest, Woody Allen, Mel Brooks, Billy Crystal, Steve Martin, Chris Rock, Dan Aykroyd all get together to take on Steven Bannon, Rience Priebus, Sean Spicer and Kellyanne Conway? Imagine A History of the World Part III: The End. When The Interview came out Kim Jong-un, whose title is the Supreme Leader, suddenly became the world’s foremost film critic. Instead of Siskel &Ebert, look forward to seeing a show on PBS called Kim & Don which evaluates films and makes sure the ones they don't like stay out of theaters.

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