Wednesday, March 13, 2024

Rebel Without a Cause

There's the  old saw that every American boy wants to be president and after that a policeman or fireman. If they're lucky they won't win the swing states, but in reality most boys and girls want to be James Dean right down to becoming super novas before they cross the event horizon to the black hole of obscurity and oblivion. "Girls just want to have fun" sang Cindy Lauper and boys like to plow the field (s). Who wouldn't want to be Keith Richards (whose autobiography was brilliantly titled Lifeor Mick Jagger. Yes even at the age of 75 with 29 years of psychoanalysis, 31 years of karate and 37 years of Recovery you're still thrilled by the guy who has wild sex with in the backseat of his car--at the eternal drive-in of the mind.

Listen to Joan Baum's review of The Kafka Studies Department by Francis Levy on NPR

and listen to Beechnut 4-5789 by The Marvelettes

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