Monday, March 4, 2024

Is Loving Someone's Mind a Paraphilia?

Is loving someone for their mind a paraphilia? The feminist art historian Linda Nochlin once defined fetishism as synecdoche. Kim Kardashian's ass is an urban legend and Jennifer Lopez's would make a great bride. The mind is recused from these discussions because it's not a bra--which is too bad, since it's a mind that confers on breasts so much imagined power.The shape of this secondary sex characteristic with its aureole and nipple so dear to the creation of volition itself is endowed in the imagination with supernal value. Of course a breast is only fatty tissue with alveoli which facilitate lactation, the livelihood of the baby and the source of its desire to suck. But returning to mind, what makes it such a turn on? Is it words? Or is it images and ideas? After all you can't have dirty thoughts without a brain in which to breed them!!!

Listen to "The Tears of a Clown" by Smokey Robinson

and see the invite for Hallie Cohen's show, Mi Ricordo: Roman Watercolors, opening on February 29

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