Friday, March 1, 2024

Query Tracker

In words please describe the nature of your project? You may also add a brief bio. 

My project is titled Your Cis Gender Thanksgiving . It's the companion volume to the LBGTQ Guide to Meatloaf and Souffets toTransition For. My overarching idea is to conceive the world as one vast soup kitchen. Below also find a chapter of Fuck Me a fictional work about an author who uses Queery Tracker instead of Grind. Fuck Me poses the question confronting most writers: Who cares since we're all going to die? Fuck Me is aimed at all the writers who never heard the words "quality control."

***While we're here would you like to get together to discuss my writing while I still have openings in my schedule?

What is the length of your manuscript in words? How long will it take the average reader to finish?

1,030, 264 which is roughly 1863pp. If you take it to the beach you're going to get sunburned.

What is your website?

What is your Twitter handle?


Query Reply:

Thank you for querying me with Cis Gender Thanksgiving. I'm sorry that I haven't sparked to it in the way I'd need to in order to request more. I'm grateful for the opportunity to consider your work and wish you the best in your search for representation.

Reply to Query Reply:

listen to Joan Baum's NPR review of The Kafka Studies Department  by Francis Levy

and see the invite for Hallie Cohen's show, Mi Ricordo: Roman Watercolors, opening on February 29

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