Monday, March 11, 2024

On the Nature of Things

The deduction at the end of one of those globall treatise on human behavior like Lucretius' De rerum natura is that the micro and macro worlds mirror each other. There is one exception: the quantum world of subatomic particles and even in this realm, you conveniently discover the notion of quantum entanglement. Interestingly president Biden and his "predecessor" (the word Biden used 13 times to describeTrump his State of the Union) perfectly illustrate the above principle since their selves are both individualized personae and symbols of a greater whole. Trump is not a real politician. He practices sandbox politics which he learned as a little boy. There haven't been too many studies of his pre-oedipal behavior but one can assume he was a bully who immediately accused some other kid of doing it first, On a macro level Biden has been accused of using his State of the Union to barnstorm. Talk about sandboxes, his "predecessor" tried to steal the president's pail and shovel. However, being a nice guy, he only spoke up when it was almost too late.

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and listen to "Mr. Pitiful" by Otis Redding

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