Wednesday, November 1, 2023

Clausewitz in the Middle East

War is the continuation of policy with other means. How can Clausewitz’s famous saying be reflected in the war between Israel and Hamas? What would Machiavelli have advised? Or Sun Tzu in The Art of War? You can can’t eradicate an idea, but what are the political consequences of fighting an opponent who partakes of a millenarian Ideology? The Sunnis and Shiites have always been enemies and Syria, an Alewife Christian country. one of Russias proxies. Would Saudi Arabia step into line with its once enemy Iran, despite the Abraham Accords with Bahrain and the U.A.E.? How strong are the armies of Iran, Syria and Saudi Arabia? And how would this new Axis stack up against Israel, the US and the other Western powers. The left supports Hamas despite the atrocities committed on October 7. However, say the US is reeled into an all out war. Indeed, Russia and Iran have a quid pro quo. Yet Russia has its hands full in Ukraine where it's losing. One possible outcome is that the Allies prevail, the Ayatolah and the Revolutionary Guard are weakened and a popular uprising topples the Caliphate, bringing democracy back to one of the must important players in the Middle East. Q.E.D. Hope springs eternal.

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