Monday, November 6, 2023

The Godfather

Americans have a fascination with criminals until, of course, they're robbed." Billy the Kid, Jesse James, Bonnie and Clyde  were all legends, Houdinis who escaped not from underwater  coffins but the law.  “Robber” “Baron”—the two words are oxymorons reflecting the aristocratic sounding soubriquet of men like Carnegie and Rockefeller who were ruthless visionaries. Ayn Rand would extol these impulses in her portrait of the architect, Howard Roark, inThe Fountainhead. The automobile is a symbol of freedom. Young men get their wheels aka cojones. But it’s an open road freed of impediments--the kind that Trump obviously thought he was navigating as he hoodwinked banks to get loans. Ever mindful of individual rights, the Supreme Court is currently hearing a case restoring the bumpstock--which was actually outlawed in the wake of several mass shootings during the Trump years. Is Trump The Godfather? And is judge Arthur Engoron as "untouchable" as Eliot Ness?

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