Monday, November 13, 2023

Glasnost or Toast?

What if Putin had not massed his troops along the Ukraine border? What if Israeli intelligence had stopped the October attack before it started? On a material level Russia, Ukraine, Israel and Gaza would be in better shape. Certainly there would be far less suffering all around. But from an aspirational point off view nothing would have changed. Life in Gaza was tough to start. Its citizens suffered under apartheid. The situation with Russia and Ukraine bares only one real comparison. If you believe in Imperial Russia then then Russians are the have nots. Now the fork in the road. Russia could have gone its merry way. In fact, it would have been merrier for Russia security-wise if Finland and Sweden hadn’t joined NATO. Gaza and the West Bank are another story. The status quo leaves an impoverished society whose citizens have no rights. It's a little like supply-side economics. The Abraham Accords might produce a kind of trickle-down prosperity--an anodyne feeding a delusion.

Listen to "Police State"by Pussy Riot

and listen to the playlist for The Kafka Studies Department on Largehearted Boy

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