Wednesday, November 8, 2023

Free Solo

At a certain point in life, society may seem to be less of a top down affair, less of a hierarchy. You’ve climbed the mountain and now you partake of the long view in which all of human existence is spread out before you. Those ogreous personalities who once passed you by without acknowledging your existence are dead. They will never know what you were thinking; neither will they  know about the monkey dancing on their graves. Sometimes you meet these faces and they thumb their nose at you from an obit (obits themselves are like the endowments of famous porn stars—legendary for their size.)The virtue of being so high up lies in being recused from hurt and impervious to sleights. The down side of looking down is that no one can hear you. But why did it have to be so ? A recidivist urge may push you back to knocking on doors which have been closed forever even when there's no longer anybody there.

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and watch the trailer for Erotomania which will be featured in the Nihilist Film Festival

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