Thursday, November 16, 2023

Pornosophy: Fetishistic Objectification for Dummies

Linda Nochlin once compared fetishism to synecdoche, the figure of speech which takes the part for the whole—The White House instead of the presidency, for example. Objectification is the psychological term that’s used when a sufferer complains of liking T & A. Kim Kardashian actually uses her A as a logo. One wonders if it qualifies as intellectual property, subject to copyright and patent. Jennifer Lopez advertises a particularly noticeable fundament. Imagine not just marveling at her booty but proposing to it. By the powers vested in me I now pronounce you man and ass! Or "they"--since even body parts are now required to demonstrate the correct pronouns. It’s often said by apologists that it’s not the size of the penis but what a guy does with it. This is dismissive of those men who possess large endowments. These "friends with benefits" are likely to feel marginalized. Everyone is dealt a different hand and it can be work and sometimes even a burden to carry a big package. But take a gander at the self-satisfied expression on any male or female who has enjoyed a centaur and you’ll realize that Teddy Roosevelt's “big stick” can be a force of good for those  who walk softly with it.

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